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5G Broadband
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Enable your growth within the mobility space with4G and 5G Broadband networks available across nearly all of Australia.

Layered Connectivity

Layer 2

Deliver termination ontocustomer network and full control over authentication, shaping, accounting and static IP allocation.

Layer 3

L3 plans are terminated by the carrier and offer high inclusion mobile broadband for a low price point.

Layer 3+

L3+ plans are delivered via L2 onto the 2SG network repackaged for layer 3 customers to gain the benefits of the layer 2 product without having to run their own network.

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Mobile Broadband


Standalone + Aggregated

As investment in mobile networks across Australia is at an all-time high, it is expected that much of the country will have 5G connectivity by the end of 2024, offering customers speeds of up to 1Gbps. 2SG’s cellular connectivity runs on a private Access Point Name (APN), this means that it is separate from the public network and therefore does not suffer from contention during busy times. In addition, our commercial offerings are designed to be as flexible as needed with data pooling, static IP assignment and Layer 2 delivery all available to our customers.

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Mobile Voice


Standard + Aggregated

2SG is an endorsed aggregator for Optus, giving Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) easy access to the Optus 4G+ & 5G networks. 2SG Mobile Voice features standalone plans, fleet aggregation, single touch provisioning and technical capability including Wi-Fi calling (VOLTE). Meet your customers network connectivity needs with our huge voice range in both aggregated voice and standard mobile voice plans.

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Easy Billing Options

2SG can simplify your customer invoicing through our branded custom billing platform and other Billingas a Service (BaaS) offerings.

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5G Broadband



2SG Wholesale now offers 5G Broadband to Australia’s service providers. The latest addition to our mobility solutions, 5G broadband is becoming a more accessible option in Australia with higher bandwidth, faster speeds and reduced latency. Contact us for more information regarding 5G broadband solutions.

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Internet of Things (IoT's)



Years of experience in M2M telecommunications solutions means we take the risk and complexity out of M2M deployment.



2SG provides the latest in integrated hardware options to support your connectivity needs. From IP Handsets to modems and routers, our customers benefit from the best brands at competitive wholesale pricing.

Need to simplify your dispatch and configuration? Speak to one of our experts today and find out how we remove the complexity from your fulfillment requirements.

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Find out how we can enable your growth in the mobility space.

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